Thoracentesis Model Lateral Portal Replacement Part

Thoracentesis Model Lateral Portal Replacement Part
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Chest tube thoracostomy training model lateral replacement portal (non-ultrasoundable).  Use with Blue Phantom thoracentesis and chest tube thoracostomy ultrasound training model P/N BPTT1000-1.  Designed to allow users to learn to perform chest tube thoracostomy utilizing non-ultrasoundable chest portals.

The non-ultrasound chest lateral portal is located in the lateral mid axillary thorax and contains the skin layer, fat, ribs, and the pleural lining and is designed to help clinicians develop the skills necessary to place chest tube thoracostomies.  These skills include performing intercostals incisions, blunt dissection of soft tissue down to the pleura, and placement of the chest tube into the pleural space.  Because of the nature of placing large chest tubes into the portals, these portals are expected to endure 6-8 uses before requiring replacement.

  • Anterior replacement thoracostomy portal
  • Use with Blue Phantom thoracentesis and thoracostomy ultrasound training model part number P/N BPTT1000-1
  • Excellent for training clinicians in the psycho-motor skills associated with thoracostomy procedures
  • Designed for thoracostomy chest tube insertions contain the skin layers, fat, ribs, and pleural lining
  • Palpable ribs
  • High quality
  • No special storage needs
  • Patented technology
  • Made in USA
  • Technical Support:

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