Advanced Sclerotherapy Ultrasound Training Model

Advanced Sclerotherapy Ultrasound Training Model
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Blue Phantom’s Advanced Sclerotherapy Ultrasound Training Models allows users to develop and practice the skills necessary to become proficient in ultrasound guided sclerotherapy in a wide range of clinical scenarios.  Using Blue Phantom’s proprietary simulated human tissue, this very realistic and ultra-durable ultrasound training mannequin is excellent for training clinicians in the psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.  These ultrasound imaging skills include; using ultrasound system controls, transducer positioning and movement, recognition of venous anatomy in a wide range of vascular configurations, using ultrasound to target the appropriate vessels for cannulation, techniques related to manipulation of catheters in serpiginous, stenotic, and tortuous vessels and simulating ablation techniques.  The Advanced Sclerotherapy leg Models are complete with one leg model platform and three leg inserts containing a varying of vein anatomy. Anatomy in the inserts consists of the femoral artery and vein, greater saphenous vein, saphenofemoral junction, reticular vein, and perforating veins – in a wide variety of vascular configurations allowing the user to develop skills in a broad range of clinical scenarios. Blue Phantom’s Advanced Sclerotherapy models are available in flesh tone and are also available in transparent tissue. The transparent tissue insert modules allow the user to visually identify the vascular anatomy by directly viewing the vasculature as well as using ultrasound imaging. The Transparent Advanced Sclerotherapy inserts were developed with the goal of helping clinicians bridge the learning gap by allowing them to visualize the internal anatomical structures with their eyes as well as with ultrasound imaging, our transparent tissue offers superb ultrasound hands-on training for users beginning their ultrasound training or learning techniques associated with more advanced vascular configurations.

Excellent realism and ultra-durable.

We know that gaining proficiency in using ultrasound requires practice.  Our self-healing tissue will allow you to repeatedly perform ultrasound guided sclerotherapy procedures without giving second thought to wearing out the tissue. Whether you are learning to guide the needle to the targeted vessel or performing the entire ultrasound guided procedure, you can expect unmatched durability from our tissue and vessels. This ultrasound training mannequin is constructed using Blue Phantom’s patented ultra-durable tissue and is extremely realistic in ultrasound imaging characteristics and feels like real human tissue.  Our self-healing tissue will withstand tremendous use and will save you money by dramatically reducing the necessity for purchasing replacement parts.

Practice to access and perform procedures on our realistic ultrasound training model.

Use ultrasound to identify and target anatomically correct vascular anatomy of the upper and mid leg including the femoral artery and veins, saphenous, perforating veins as well as numerous accessory vessels.  Users can practice performing ablation procedures including injecting the various veins with a simulated sclerosing solutions.  Excellent for new users as well as more experienced users who are refining their vascular access procedural skills, the vessels in this venous access medical ultrasound task trainer can be accessed with needles and fluid can be injected into the model to verify needle tip and catheter location. 
At Blue Phantom we expend tremendous effort to match the imaging characteristics of real human tissue allowing you to teach and train under optimal conditions.  We know that the best simulation training scenarios are requisite on users experiencing the same procedural realism as performing the procedure on patients.  All of our simulation materials match the acoustic characteristics of real human tissue so when you use your ultrasound system on our training models, you experience the same quality you expect from imaging patients in a clinical environment. 

This medical simulation ultrasound task trainer will perform well using any ultrasound imaging system configured with the appropriate transducer (recommended ultrasound transducer; high frequency linear array ultrasound probe 5.0 – 12 MHz).  This ultrasound phantom model is excellent for specialties including dermatology, outpatient surgical, interventional radiology, ultrasound training programs, simulation centers, and surgical skill centers.   
Realistic and ultra-durable saphenous and femoral vascular access ultrasound training model excellent for training clinicians in the psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound guided procedures.


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