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When a patient has an abscess due to post-operative complications or other causes, the safer standard of treatment is to scan the body in radiology to find the fluid and place a needle or drainage catheter to remove it. As an alternative to surgery, advancements in image-guided percutaneous abscess drainage over time have resulted in fewer patient complications and shorter hospital stays.

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The World's Finest Ultrasound Training Models

At Blue Phantom, we design and produce the finest ultrasound training models in the industry. Our dedication to realism makes the difference. Every one of our products offers superb ultrasound imaging characteristics. These realistic features help our users develop and practice the important skills necessary to use ultrasound in a broad range of applications.

With Blue Phantom products, you can practice using ultrasound when you want, where you want, without the risks and inconvenience associated with practicing on human subjects.

Now we have joined with CAE Healthcare, a medical simulation company whose mission is to improve healthcare education and patient safety. Together, we design and build products for patient, surgical, ultrasound and clinical simulation and center management. Along with our realistic models, our faculty and clinicians develop medical training scenarios that give our users the knowledge they need for a career in medicine, nursing, health sciences, military service or research.

With our commitment to world-class quality, uncompromising customer support and smart, precision manufacturing, Blue Phantom is your gateway to a life in medicine.

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